Computational Aesthetics in Graphics, Visualization and Imaging

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Workshop topics include but are not restricted to

  • Optimal view point selection (artistic and/or representative visualization)
  • Automatic Lighting Design, Image Relighting Techniques
  • Non-Photorealistic Rendering, Painting-like rendering, Drawing
  • Artistic Textures, Patterns, Ornaments, Tiling
  • Sketching, Simplification techniques, Technical and Medical Illustration
  • Computational Color Harmony, Color Dynamics, Color Environmental Design
  • Color Preferences / Effects and Roles of Colors
  • Colorization of gray-scale images, Pseudo-Coloring techniques
  • Color Style Transfer Techniques between Images
  • Image Analogies
  • Applied Visual Perception (Color Appearance, Spatial Vision and other aspects)
  • Perceptual / Cognitive High Dynamic Range Imaging
  • Artistic Image Transformation Techniques
  • Generalized Image Synthesis (nonlinear mappings, spaces, rays, camera models)
  • Image Style Analysis (paintings, photographs, others)
  • Composition, Visual Balance, Layout
  • Design of Geometrical and Fractal Scenes
  • Image and Scene Complexity, Image Appearance, Image Quality
  • Empirically based Metrics of Aesthetical Attributes

Participation can be with or without an oral presentation. To apply for a talk, please send a one-page abstract of your intended topic by 15 March, 2005. Topics do not have to be unpublished research, but should either highlight the aesthetic aspects or contain new ideas in this direction. Talks will be 20 minutes plus 20 minutes discussion. A selection of submitted abstracts will be done on a pure thematic judgment, notification will happen before 31 March, 2005. During the workshop the organizers together with the participants will define those papers which shall be included in a full color proceedings volume published by Eurographics.

Call for Participation

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