Computational Aesthetics in Graphics, Visualization and Imaging

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Wednesdey - Thursday - Friday

8h 30 am Registration
Session: Non-photorealistic Rendering 1
9h 00 am

Breaking the Pixel Barrier
T. Isenberg, M. Costa Sousa, M. Sheelagh T. Carpendale

Stylistic Rendering of Implicit Models
B. Wyvill, K. Foster, P. Jepp, R. Schmidt, M. Costa Sousa, J. A. Jorge

Stylized Rendering for Multiresolution Image Representation
M. Grundland, Ch. Gibbs, N. A. Dodgson

The NPR Pipeline
M. Costa Sousa, B. Gooch, A. Gooch

10h 40 am BREAK
Session: Stylization Techniques
11h 00 am

Stylizations- Automatically Producing Expressive Renderings and Drawings
M. Kaplan, E. Cohen

Automatic Creation of Expressive Caricatures: A Grand Challenge For Computer Graphics
E. Akleman

Abstraction and Depiction of Sparsely Scanned Outdoor Environments
B. Chen

12h 20 pm INVITED TALK:
David Salesin
From Kant to Computation: Why Aesthetics Matter Now More than Ever, and What We Can Do about It
1h 20 pm LUNCH
Session: Non- photorealistic Rendering 2
2h 50 pm

Layered Mosaics for Stackable Objects
J. Wan Park, Kyung hyun Yoon

Fast Techniques for Mosaic Rendering
G. Di Blasi, G. Gallo, M. Petralia

A Generative Model For Dynamic Canvas Motion
M. Kaplan, E. Cohen

Computer Generated Stereoscopic Artwork
E. Stavrakis, M. Gelautz

4h 30 pm BREAK
Session: Visualization Methods
4h 50 pm

Smart Visibility in Visualization
I. Viola, M. E. Gröller

Computer- generated Illustrative Visualization Medical Training
D. S. Ebert, D. Stredney, M. Costa Sousa

On the Optimization of Visualizations of Complex Phenomena
D. House, A. Bair, C. Ware

6h 10 pm Flower Festival
Walk and Beer

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